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Why "Nature & Kinesiology"?

Nature plays a fundamental role in understanding ourselves.

Observing nature, I understand that there is balance in what I do and in what happens to me.

Each emotion and each gesture has its own balance, positive or negative, depending on the love I put into play.

It is essential to understand that we are part of a whole and that regaining our connection with nature is an important step for every human being.

Hence the meaning of “study of movement”.

It is a discipline that allows, through muscle tests, to obtain information on the individual’s state of equilibrium at the level:

  • physical / structural;
  • mental / emotional;
  • biochemical / nutritional.

What are we trying to do?

Each of us tries “simply” to improve their lives.

I can help you do it with my techniques and my talents.

Feel free to write me for a first cognitive contact.

Contact me for a consulting.

What are you working on?

People are a complex system of emotions. Our body somatizes everything, even when the mind wants to hide it, it is enough to listen to ourselves to realize it. Each emotion corresponds to a reaction. Every gesture made with or without love is reflected in our body which is not mute. Body and mind must be “worked” together.

What do I offer?

  • Kinesiology sessions
    • online , to solve and understand emotions, situations, pains, intolerances that usually repeat themselves in our life, to go deep into what our body wants to communicate to us
    • presential (biomagnetism, Bach flowers, neuroemotional, neurolymphatic, neurovascular points, chakras …)
    • kinesiology sessions for animals , remote and in-person
  • Walks in the middle of nature, to reconnect with yourself, rediscovering colors and smells that bring us back to harmony
  • Sports decontracting massage
  • Relaxing massage with essential oils and Tibetan bells
  • Remote or present Reiki sessions
  • Star Healing Reiki sessions on remote or present animals
  • Angels of the earth energy therapy for animals
  • Angelic channeling and angelic coach

The presidential activities take place in Arenzano, Champorcher, Apricale, Province of Valencia-España and where my heart takes me, contact me for more detailed information, who knows if my places of the heart do not coincide with yours.

Fill gaps

In spite of everything I like to be alone. I find in solitude, a way to live life better with others, to learn to recognize

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